Monday, May 23, 2005

Growing, Snowsuit, Japanther, The Tender Wizards & Aa @Flight of the Buffalo 05/22/05

Flight of the Buffalo was just some peoples loft apartment over in industrial park, its not a bad thing, when i lived over there i used to try to put on shows, they are such big wide open spaces they are just asking for it, but i dont know how they arer allowed to do it still because you can hear the music for blocks and blocks, not even to mention that building and the one across it house like 500+ people. But fuck it, lets rock and or roll.

I caught the end of Growing's set, i am not even sure if that was thier name, but i think some one told me so i went with it, what i saw was two guys facing each other playing two drum kits and blistering speed, dueling drums if you will, shit was rockin.

Snowsuit was this crazy kid from Oakland who wore this crazy tiger costume and yelled along to his beats that were playing off of his ipod, he was great but his set was less than 10 minutes long, and i just dont understand the logic of coming out here from oakland to play that short of a set, maybe hes just that much more r&r.

Japanther is always the highlight for me, these two guys play all the time, and they play hard. Its a duo, bass and drums and they play along to a tape deck that they build songs around, and they have somehow turned pay phone recievers into microphones and that the best part. There is so much energy going on, and they even played an encore due to the demands of 20 or so kids up front.

The Tender Wizards, i didnt know until i saw them, are Bent Outta Shape minus their bass player and plus a new lead singer. They rock til they drop just like bent outta shape, but its less punky and more rock, they are a really driving band, that i really enjoyed, did i mention this show was totally free.

Aa closed off this a-bomb of a show with thier sound, that is truly only theres, it is all percussion, with a dash of keyboards, it is words like primal and tribal. They (all six of them) just beat the hell out of whatever they have in front of them, the music builds and builds and then shatters beck to earth with the finale. They even have some extra instruments they pass around so you can help them out with thier already high volume level. They really know how to close a place down and send you stumbling home drunk @, dear lord it was only 8 o clock.


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