Friday, June 17, 2005

The Baxter @ Rockafeller Center 06/15/05

On Wednesday i skipped out on local H because i heard there was a screening of Michael Showalters new movie The Baxter. There was. They set up the plaza like a drive in movie theatr, but with seats instead of cars, and before i get to the movie i just have to say what a shitty idea it is to show movies here, the city around it is still very busy and loud, and the lights from the city dont really go away that much after dark, not to mention the sound of the movies being bad due to the speaker quality and placement, im glad i went to see this movie but will not soon return to the drive in at rockafeller.

The Baxter is Michael Showalters baby. He wrote, directed and starred in it, and its been two years in the works already. With out giving to much away a baxter is a term that michael made up for the movie that refers to the person you marry for safety instead of the one youre truly in love with. Showalter is the Baxter and hes great. I really enjoyed this movie, not that i thought i was going to hate it, but sometimes people complain about the state and stellas humor, about how it seems there is some inside joke that no one is let in on, but here we have a pretty universal comedy, i mean you can get more out of it if you are a prior fan because of the slew of cameos in it, but it can still be greatly enjoyed by some one who comes in off the street. Its the first romantic comedy ive liked that didnt involve john hughes or john cusack. So check it out when it comes to theatres in late august.

Oh and the best part was before the movie the stella boys, Showlater, David Wain and Michael Ian Black were there to do a Q&A with the crowd and it was pretty funny, they didnt really answer many questions, but then some other state guys, AD Miles, Ken Marino and Joe Letruglio were there. It was just a fun reunion where they all just made fun of each other for the roles theyve done (the believer, signs, sierra mist & i love the 80s.) They did get asked about the state DVD but all they had to say was that they finished it, but mt is just sitting on it, well fuck that.


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