Thursday, May 19, 2005

Sexy, Hot New Mexicans, Crybaby MacArthur & Bent Outta Shape @ Jane Doe Books 05/18/05

This show was fucking awesome, i know i say that alot but this was above and beyond, a really good small punk show, high energy, tons o dancin and singin. Jane Doe Books(93 Montrose) is a store that sells self-published works and zines, by day, but sometimes at night they open up thier aparment in the back and have punk shows, and there is rice and beans in the kitchen. They also dont let anyone drink or smoke or do drugs, so that every one can just have some good clean fun, its a nice idea, but will it work, maybe.

I missed Bent Outta Shape due to work, but i saw them two weeks ago and they are playing again on June 4th. They play really good straight up punk rock, not the fashion kind, but the good ole asthetic kind. Those guys once drove me home from jersey in thier short bus that was painted up like a watermelon, we had to stop on the side of the highway for 30 mins, but she was fine after that, that bus died tragicly of old age, oh well. I finally bought thier cd and i can finally understand some of the lyrics. Here are some pics of them from a show @the woodser on 04/28/05 w/defiance, ohio & the good good:

Crybaby MacArthur were some rip-roaring punk rockers. Thier singer is a lady and she is awesome. they are just kicking off thier "Nothing is Fucked" tour as in youre being very undude. i know because i got thier full length tour cd($3) and it has a pic of walter with his gun on it. i couldnt get close enough to take pitures or really see much of them, but i am almost positive that it was just bass and drums, but just fuzzed out. the tour cd said thier drummer had been abducted right before the tour on the cd its mostly male vocals and guitars, so i guess the guitarist switched to drums, i hope they make it through alive.

Hot New Mexicans were the highlight, really good guitar, bass, drums songs in the style of jawbreaker and pavement mixed together sans keyboard live, but they are on some tracks of thier full length "Its Called Leaning Back"($5) . Some times quick, sometimes slow, but its so fulfilling even when its slow, its entertaining, thats the word. All i can say is, its good stuff. they played a good half hour that included a big star cover, and they are from way down in the mississippi delta come to tell us new yorkers whats the new style down south.

Sexy lived up to thier name, they had some really fast drums and they stayed consistent throughout, they play songs, now im not comparing them to opiv, but i feel like its in that same vain, of just some who cares sing along punk rock, i had never heard them, but alot of people did and through out the entire show every one danced thier asses off, and even if you didnt know the words you jumped right along to the sexy sounds of sexy, they werent really sexy sounds in any way, unless you have sex with instruments, in that case you got me. I had run out of money at this point, so i asked the guy and he said they are up on the no ideo distro and i looked and w/shipping its only $7, in other words it ships tommorow. I really like the no idea distro they are really doing something for the punk rock community there, they put all that stuff up for distro and all the money goes back to the individual tiny record labels and bands that cant keep something like that up and running, its nice to see people helpin people like that.

Japanther was supposed to play, but there was a noise complaint, so i guess we just have to go see the @ flight of the buffalo on sunday @3.

So for $20, got in, saw 3 bands bought 3 cds and got a poster and i was home by 11:30. Quality.


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