Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Hes the one whos in control: NIN @Hammerstien 05/16/05

Ok Nine inch Nails was insane, trent really was a beast and he doesnt show any signs of aging since pretty hate machine and he was ripped as shit. I couldnt get a setlist because it was so crazy, but the hits were played and 4 or 5 new songs made thier way in, that new line up is really tight they played for about 1:30 and it was enough, i was exhausted after that the highlights were definately "Wish", "Hurt, and "Head Like a Hole", but Wish was the one that really brought the house down. I couldve heard Starfuckers and March of the Pigs but what the hey.

Update: I am the asshole, i got thier late but i asked some one and they said i didnt miss anything, but the fucker lied and i missed march of the fucking pigs, i am such a jerk productshop went again and got the setlist again:

Pinion / You Know What You Are? / Sin / March of the Pigs / The Line Begins to Blur / Piggy / Terrible Lie / Burn / Closer / The Big Come Down / With Teeth / The Day The Whole World Went Away / Even Deeper / No, You Don't / Suck / Gave Up / Hurt / The Hand That Feeds / Wish / Head Like a Hole


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