Tuesday, May 17, 2005

You took the wrong orchid

-White Stripes redesigned thier official website for Get Behind Me Satan and now it has all this crazy flash animation all over the place.

-I just got a flyer for this Brooklyn punk show: 5/18/05 6pm $5 @93 Montrose Ave:
Bent Outta Shape
Cryababy MacArthur
Hot New Mexicans

I can personally vouch for Bent outta Shape and Japanther. Bent Outta Shape used to have this short bus that they painted up like a watermelon that was super awesome to ride around in, but now it is dead and they will probably ask for your help to drive thier shit home if you have a car.
Its only $5 just fuckin do it.

-5/20/05 Toddp has a show @Kingland Tavern in Greenpoint $6 ($1.50 Bud Mugs)
Child Abuse

The only band i have seen of those 3 is Child Abuse and i was kind of unimpressed but im not sure if it was thier music or the fact that Toddp's new space, Lando Estacado, was getting raided by the cops, i really hope he can reopen that space soon, it was very big and very cool. Fuck the police.

-David Cross has a really funny articl up over at Pitchfork

-Tonight @ The Delancey: $7 The Dove Sounds, The Break up, & Ants in Japan (+free BBQ)


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