Monday, May 16, 2005

Just another Monday

-Oh man i am so excited for Nine inch Nails @ hammerstien tonight. check out what productshop had to say:

"Nine Inch Nails destroyed the hammerstein ballroom last night. Seriously, they demolished the place. Some might say this is going to be a bigger comeback than Green Days. The zaniness only intensified after Trent flipped the fuck out at his roadies when a plus was accidently pulled between 'Sin' and 'The Line Begins to Blur'. Trent went insane and started throwing equipment and water bottle at the roadies who apparently pulled the plug, before screaming that he would fire who ever fucked up after tonights show"

and he posted the setlist:

"pinion / wish / sin / the line begins to blur / march of the pigs / something i never have / terrible lie / the hand that feeds / closer / home / the collector / even deeper / suck / reptile / burn / love is not enough / hurt / gave up / getting smaller / starfuckers, inc / head like a hole"

-i would try to get the setlist tonight but i will probably be to busy freaking the fuck out.

-brooklyn vegan reported yesterday about this new loose record thing, and if it does what it should you wont need me anymore.

-speaking of brooklyn vegan, he gave me my first link today about my thinderbirds review, i feel love and its real this time. but BV is really good, he does a great weekly look for gothamist that is so detailed i cant believe it.

-if you want to see a show tonight but cant go to NiN then check out the oranges band @ sin-e or the cloud room @ rothko

-the white stripes are playing shows w/songs from the new album the last two shows setlists are up on triple tremelo if you havent listened to "Blue Orchid" yet you are an a-hole

-new gorillaz news, i d/l this record about a month ago and the really good songs are really good, there are some dance singles on that thing that are gonna be summer anthems, "dirty harry", and you have to have heard "Feel Good Inc." by now because if you havent get out from under the rock okay.

- new radiohead in 2k6 (from thighs)

- ultragrrrl posted this flyer and i am really gonna try and make this show:

This shizz is not to be missed, i just said to see the witnesses yesterday and nows your chance!

-another band that i really want to see soon and is getting tons of buzz are the shoutoutlouds.

-So i finally picked up the Pony Up! ep on dim mak and it is really great those canadian girls are super cute and thier songs are super fun, but the highlight is without a doubt thier ode to matthew modine, super bouncy, you cant help but smile.

-The new Lanhorne Slim record on Narnack is very good as well, his production values have definately gone up from the electric love letter ep, he is playing @ golapogas on 5/21 and ill see you there.

-I got a promo for the new kinski record alpine static on sub pop and it is really good i hadnt heard them before, but they are these long lush sound journeys w/o lyrics, but you dont want them or expect them to come at any time. this is definatly something you need to lie down on the carpet to listen too.

-So my friend Quentin told me about this band Eyeball Skeleton a few weeks ago and i didnt believe him when he told me, but i got the cd and this shizz is great, so its charlie and JJ brown, brothers who are like 7 and 8 and thier dad plays guitar, they say on the site that they named the band because the one kid thought of eyeball and the other kid thought of skeleton. "#1" is out on MyPalGod Records now! lets just hope they will perform some kind of live show.

-and finally as already reported by many The Mountain Goats "The Sunset Tree" is the best record of the year so far.

-Have Fun Kids


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