Sunday, May 15, 2005

Kimya Dawson 05/14/05 The Glasshouse Gallery

They should call her Kimya D. Awesome because thats what that girl is, totally awesome. She is the sweetest lady ever, and i have seen her as many times as its been possible. Every time i am amazed like its the first time, she plays very heartfelt anti-folk, she has 4 records out and they are all awesome. She is really doing her own thing and i love her to death for it. She played a very long set and the band that opened (The Pharmacy) played back up for her on most songs, she normally just fingerpicks her acoustic, but the rhythm section really enriched the live show, and every one just sat on the floor and hung on every word she had to say. i heart kimya dawson ver ver much. shell be back at northsix on tuesday jun 14th, and its only $8, you will not be disappointed, unless you are looking for a grindcore show. in that case your SOL.


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