Sunday, May 15, 2005

Sunday afternoon

Starting a blog because im super bored, its a music blog and the shit is gonna be great and its gonna have show reviews, upcoming stuff in and around nyc and it will have plenty of stuff that i will rehash from other people, but Gene said why dont you make one, so i am, so blame him, but hes right i know the skinny most times, so maybe i can let other people know the skinny, and it can be a real ultimate party wherever we go. Mission Statement: i want to bring back dancing at shows in new york, im tired of the standing still, its played out, if you go to a show and its sold out for a week or two before you assume that you wont be the only one expressing what a good time youre having by shaking that ass, but the problem is the politics. but there shouldnt be any politics of dancing (but the song is alright) Hipsters are the people who go to these shows, because they are hip bands, they are with it. Why does music always turn into a hipper than thou type of thing. it happened with punk when i was in my teens, drop the fucking act and let yourself have a good time and dont forget to DANCE YOURE FUCKING ASS OFF!!!


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