Wednesday, May 18, 2005

We are all gonna be arrested, again!

-Fox finally got thier collective head out of its collective ass and renewed Arrested Development for another season and only three weeks after i met David Cross and asked him about it, he was so mad when i asked him he was telling me about how shady all those fuckers were and that he didnt want to keep his hopes up or get me excited.

-Kimya used one of my live pics of her on her livejournal.

-The White Stripes cover art is out and of course Jack is still rockin that trash stash, god bless him, and i looked around for a good price to pre-order GBMS and it looks like the best place is on thier official site, its $14.99 and you get a free poster of them playing live in sillhouette Oooooh. And they will ship it so you have it on the 7th, and you can still have all that indie cred.

-And its a slow day so i just want to take a second to share all this love:

-"I'm reading your blog and I even put a link to it on MY blog! Now you'll be famous in japan too!" -Victoria

-"nice job on the blog so far!... i was gonna reply to your 1st entry with a quote from supergrass: "we like playing in cities like phoenix and austin, because not every band goes through their town, and they really get into the music. places like new york and LA, kids just stand there with their arms folded, checking to see who has the better haircut." of course, we need to change that. amen to you brother!" -Milky Manchester

-"hey, the blog is great, man. I would read that blog. i will readthat blog. You have a point, too. You want people to dance at shows.I think this is awesome. It's bigger than that, though. Dancing atshows is the tip of the iceberg. People could be so great, but - likeyou say - there's politics and shit and then people don't have funand just worry about how they look and if they're cool - when anybodyknows that being cool isnot fashion - it's doing your own thing. So,i think you're on point and i think you're doing something positivefor the world in general. I mean, i don't want to make a big deal outof anything, but if everybody felt like you, it would a better worldand the fact that you are standing up for what you believe in is braveand respectable."- Mean Gene

-"FUCK!!! that shit is awesome. its about time the pirate hat started his ownblog. even though i didnt know what those were till you explained it to metwo weeks ago. regardless, that shit rocks. i am lookin forward to all theupdates and when i can finally join you at some of the upcoming events." -D.Pham

-One More Time - Tonight @ 93 montrose (formerly jane doe books) 6pm $5 Sexy, Japanther, Bent Outta Shape, cryababy macarthur & hot new mexicans. (Ltrain to montrose)


Anonymous d-christ said...

here's a haiku to celebrate your new blog, the baddest blog around.

Olde English held high
My indie rock sleuth comes through
I love you wilber.

see you tomorrow?
i'm ron burgandy?

9:31 PM  

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