Sunday, May 15, 2005

Zzz, The Apes, Bad Wizard 05/13/05 The Delancy

I had never been to the Delancy before, its an okay club, beer prices suck of course, but thats why you drink before hand. So this band Zzz was a really great two-piece (drums and synth), from amasterdam that was having a record release party. They played for close to an hour and they really shook the place, gene and amanda both thought they sounded like the doors if they played now, and i can think of a better description for them so well go with that, i dont have any good pics of them, sorry.

After that The Apes took the stage, i had never heard these guys, but heard great things and i was not disappointed in the least, they were really good . There is no guitar. The front man is very into his stuff, and he looks like Jesus (he also has a hole in his pants where his sac hung out for most of the show. The oragn player is totally awesome, she plays lead keys, and dances like crazy. Check out thier mp3s but they dont really do justice to the live experience.

Then the main event. I have liked Bad Wizard for a while now, they are really good on cd, "#1 tonight" on howler records. They didnt go on until almost 2 and they were ready for a party they rip right into thier set and starting handing out beers to all us kids in the front, so they immediatly went up a notch or two in my book. They didnt let up the entire time, the lead singer kept climbing up on to shit and singing his ass off. Apparently it was the first show with thier new drummer, but he was tight as hell. The lead guitarist is fucking awesome on that thing, shit was on fire. Since they reside in Brooklyn i dont think itll be to long before they play again and also check out thier labelmates The Witnesses.


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