Tuesday, May 17, 2005

OCS playing two shows this weekend

Hey Kids Narnack reports that OCS, John Dwyer of Coachwhips(RIP), pink&brown fame, will be playing two shows:
5/20/05 New York City, NY - 109 Crosby Street Gallery (ph: 212-334-1199)
5/21/05 Brooklyn, NY - Glass House

ill be at one of these, probably glass house because its such a small space.

OCS: okay OCS is good but it is nothing compared to Dwyers other bands, it is actually the antithesis of his other bands, where as they were crazy noise rock dance punk bands, OCS is his somber sentimental side, 2 and 3&4 are both packed with many ballads that are just dwyer and an acoustic (Patrick Mullins is on some stuff providing minimalist drums) with a noise track laid under it, like i said its good, but when i see John Dwyer play a show i dont want to sit there and enjoy i want to dance my ass off, soak through my clothes and try to bash his fucking head in before the sets over, ill calm down now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you hear the new junior senior yet? i don't think its getting a US release

11:54 PM  

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