Sunday, May 15, 2005

A look ahead

now that i have those show reviews over with i want to tell you whats comin up, so spring has been super rad so far, i cant handle how nice it is to be outside, ridin the bike, not wearing a coat, this is prime livin time. and its also prime show time, other than the shows i wrote up reviews for i got to see, the books, the mountain goats, poingly, fiery furnaces, dios malos, burning brides, decemberists, defiance, ohio, blood on the wall, bent outta shape, dmbq, lightning bolt, parts and labor, Aa, 22-20s, and home video. and thats only like the last month, and there is some tasty stuff on the horizon.
NiN tommorow night
wednesday 05/18 is mondo diao @bowery
Zzz is playing again on wednesday @the knit
5/19 mice parade, boom bip, and home video @southpaw
5/20 hot hot heat @webster hall (to bad thier new album completely blows)
5/21 has an awesome matinee @ east river ampitheater w/parts and labor and the evens (iam mckaye's new duo)
5/21 night, deerhoof @ northsix and sunday w/blood on the wall
5/22 toddp is putting on an awesome matinee Aa, Japanther and like 4 other bands @flight of the buffalo
5/24 blood brothers @spirit
or pinback @ irving
or lighting bolt @ northsix
5/25 team sleep @ the knit, but that shit is sold out
5/26 the ponys and the double @ the knit
or lightning bolt again @ the hook
and dont forget
6/14 pixies, 7/14 dinosaur jr. w/broken social scene & 8/10 devo
-see you out there


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