Thursday, May 19, 2005

Come fight along, shake your cocoanuts, and strike fast

-Those Zippy Zippy Dudes The Aquabats! will be back in NYC for thier second time in under a year, which is great news considering thier last tour before that was 6 or 7 years ago, they will be out in support of thier new album "CHARGE!" (out June 7th) @BB Kings in scenic times square on 07/01/05 get your tix early kids, the aquabats are a show to see. I couldnt get tix to the sold out knit gig last year so i drove to south amboy @ chrome, heres a pic:

-2nd on the agenda of awesomeness is those cooky foriegners Junior Senior, whos first album is a dance party from start to finish, this show better be a dance party or i will murder some one, they are gonna be @Mercury Lounge 6/23, $15 get em early this shizz is gonna sell out.

-And 3rd, but closest and most important Lightning Bolt is playing two shows next week, tues 5/24 @ Northsix ($10) and thurs 5/26 @ the hook ($10) i am getting my tix early because they will sell out because its lightning bolt, be ready to soak through those clothes because now you dont even have the winter air outside to save you. tix on ticketweb.

-also team sleep added a late show on wednesday @ the knit 11pm


Blogger Victoria said...

Man! I wish I could go to all these fun show's with yoU! I wanna DANCE!

12:02 AM  

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