Saturday, June 10, 2006

Old Time Relijun & Green Milk from the Planet Orange @ cake shop 5/19/06

Green Milk played a great set, i saw them 10 or so months ago and there was something lacking from thier brand of psych rock. Whatever it was they have found it. They rocked through about 40 minutes of great noise, they pulled the same trick as last time and i fell for it again, they only play a few songs and then they say the next one is there last so you feel a bit let down and then that song is 15 mins long. Its great stuff, i wanted to pick up there new 7" but it was $20, i get it your from japan now stop screwing me.

Old Time Relijun were great too, thier sound is one that seems like david byrne took a bunch of meth and went on some crazy trip and wrote crazy nonsensical lyrics and then grabbed three friends and told them to play whatever instruments they had. Their brand of nutty-rock could also be like a more hippie version of devo on acid. either way it sounds like a good time and it is. i mean how does sushi become a vampire anyway.


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