Saturday, June 10, 2006

Art Brut, Art Brut 47, Robocop Krauss, & The Chalets @ the knit 5/17/06

Man this show was fucking great. I missed most of the chalets, they were some sweet english girl pop. I saw most of Robocop Krauss, they were german rockers, i had written them off up to this point due to the fact that thier album cover is almost a direct rip off of talking heads-more songs about food and cars. but they delivered a good times rock show that included a minor threat cover, who knew. Then Art Brut 47 played a bunch of rock tunes, insert dumb joke about them not being we are scientists here. I do enjoy the scientists quite a bit, does that make me a girl? They just have really poppy tunes and they play them well.

yeah my pix suck, but if you really need to see them, you can find them enywhere, every one and there mom went to these shows.

Art Brut were fucking spectacular. i had yet to see thier liveness. It was really fun rock and roll, really great musicians back a really great frontman. and a lady bass player that could kick your ass. Many people have said the show is a rehash of thier other shows, but shit its a great show, how much can you vary a set with only one album and a few singles. Yeah sure the jokes are going to be the same, they are funny jokes. I had a great time.


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