Saturday, March 25, 2006

SXSW on the way

hey sweet dudes and sweet ladies, i am well on my way to getting this thing back in order, but i just wanted to give you a taste of my sxsw experience, heres who i saw:
People, hightower, shellshag, walken, ill ease, panther, matt and kim, meneguar, die! die! die!, Measles Mumps Rubella, Psychic Ills, teenage harlets, the double, night after night, field music, saviours, erase eratta, afrirampo, young knives, Islands w/subtitle and busdriver, witch, plan B, You say party we say die, giant drag, the cribs, protocol, annie, wolfmother, part chimp, Thuderbirds are now!, what made milwaukee famous, the ms, film school, we are scientists, charlatans uk, cortina, Parts and Labor, the bats, crystal skulls, john vanderslice, friends of dean martinez, earlimart, the fiery furnaces, octopus project, trail of the dead, dada swing, flosstradamaus, panther(again), wooden wand and friends, sam champion, the gossip, the giraffes, the ark, roger sisters, bad wizard, dmbq, tommorows friend, diamond nights, man man, zero skills, spencer kinman, nat baldwin, ill ease(again), meneguar(again), matt and kim(again)

i was all over that place like mad, that shit was the best vacation i have ever taken, the food the fun the sun (when it was there) youll get a full report soon, but for now take the list and like it, i got pics from almost everything. youll see!


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