Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/9/06 Oxford Collapse & Part Chimp @ the knit (tap bar)

i picked up Part Chimp's i am come, listened to it, and after i was done i picked my ears up off the ground and did it again. this shit is RAWK raw as hell and hard as diamonds. i cant say much more than that, its doesnt sound dumb though, its very pre-meditated outlandish at times. maybe a UK version of DMBQ type noise. itll rip you up and spit you out and then youll be like, can i do it again, until your boes turn to powder. rock on.

OXCO was prepped for a tour with PC you could tell. they were in heavy form, but not as heavy as i wanted, if they went for it with the first album, it would be a bit closer but no where near the loudness of PC, but i hope they did well out there on the road, i ran into them at sxsw and had a little chat about it and they said the crowds were moslty metal heads for PC but its to be expected metal dudes are a bit crazy, they said some guy drove 6 hours for one of the shows, dedication or what? the OC boys said they werent getting as big a response as they wanted but it was to be expected, at least they are out jaunting around for a bit. i didnt see any of thier sxsw shows, but i was told they were hyped off thier new label status and gave a great performance.


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