Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/4/06 Man Man @ SoundFix Records

MAn oh MaN, i love Man Man. seriously, i cant get enough, the first album was great, but this album(six demon bag), while being in the same vein, is light years above and beyond. everything about it. i like to describe them as tom waits mixed with zappa/beefheart playing sea chantys. i didnt think soundfix was that great, but i have come around, i never saw the coffee house connescted to it, this was a small place for a five piece band to play, but every one crammed in and saw one hell of a show, they are definately a live show that is better if the crowd is better. and i have yet to see a crowd that ate up man man like they were acid. how can you not, 5 or 6 guys going crazy on thier respective instruments, while sometimes breaking into kazoo freakouts. singalongs, war paint, and all white. i know ive told you to see bands before, but man man is one of those bands that i mean, dont bother coming back, if you dont see them, i guess im giving out homework, but theres no due date. now get crackin.
~everything thats anything becomes nothing and thats everything and nothing is the only thing you ever seem to have~ man man


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