Saturday, March 25, 2006

February is four weeks to long

Alright, im back from sxsw alive, but more on that above, this is it, im gonna get this blogs ass back in gear because she deserves it. booyah grandma.

2/26/06 Moistboyz @ The Knit
My last show in feb was heavy one, it was my first time seeing this hardcore side project, made up mostly of members from sound of urchin & ween. actually the first time i saw dean ween play live. the fucker slayed. Moistboyz brought the rock and they brought it hard. it was no bullshit cock rock, and i want that sometimes, especially when its cold as balls outside. the lead singer was so insane i was afraid he was going to come down from the stage for no reason and beat the living piss out of me, but somehow id enjoy it. thats makes sense. but the best part had to be how hard the dean ween and the guy from urchin, molested thier guitars, shit was awesome. thats a couple of guitars that wish they would of been made into something else, they were just screaming for a little mercy, but they wouldnt let those poor instruments any slack. sorry for the dark pics, i didnt want to be hurt.

2/25/06 Weird War, Aa, Meneguar & Professor Murder @ Highfive Space
this was my first time in the highfive space, really great large loft out in bushwick really cool people, really nice vibe. i walked in a little ways through professor murder, they play some really fun dancy punk rock, i really dig em, take a listen and agree with me or die.

Meneguar played second, and if i keep talking about this band i will just be constantly repeating myself, they play some great rock songs. they played some new shit tonight and it sounded great, i cant wait for a new record. i feel like ive turned more people on to these guys than a light switch, dont question that statement it makes sense if you read deeper into it. did you do it, well i was lying, but i made you do it, now scroll.

As i said recently Aa is rearranging their line up a little bit. they have done it once again, added a member with some laptop shit to enhance the sound, it definately adds a nice layer. but i think i like the primal Aa sound a little more than i like this, but i think it would be nice to have that element on a record.

Weird War kicked that shit out. (good luck navigating the website) this was my first experience of ian svenonius in the flesh, he did not disappoint. i was make up fan, but wasnt really in a place to see them when they were around. its has a similar style, but if svenonius is the frontman thats how its going to be, plus the bass player was there to. i still dont think the music is as good as its former incarnation, but its still worth it.

2/20/06 BARR, Free Blood & First Nations @ Cake Shop
First Nation wasnt really my thing, it was noise, but it wasnt noisy. it almost felt somewhat improvised to me. they just got signed to paw tracks so i shouldve expected it, i am really on the fence about that label, i can really get into some of it, while the other stuff does nothing for me. i hold nothing against it i just cant get on that wavelength. ya heard?

Free Blood is funky as hell. i they really are altogether now, a fitting opener for BARR that makes you shake that ass. with a member from !!! you know they got some cred already and they live up to thier dance counterpart well. it even got a bit dirty at times, they said they are going to be releasing some shit sometime in the future, but until then, go see them and get sweaty.

BARR BARR BARR BARR i cant say enough, i love BARR there are some imitators but there is no other brendan fowler (fowler, i hardly know her) the man is excellent, he was so crazed at this show because he hadnt slept in days because he was nervous to start his tour with animal collective, who could blame him, i would think he may have some trouble brining his show out of an intimate space and into a large auditorium, but he can handle it, hes barr. he played a few songs short of a full set, but who could blame him, he still rocked the joint and gave away a cell phone. the man is a wizzzzerd. i was laughing so hard i could barely see, but in the most respectful way possible. barr for prez '08 shit is gonna happen, YOUR ASS BROKE THE CHECKBOOK!

2/9/06 & 2/11/06 Matt and Kim @ BBR (orlando) & the Spot (tampa)
I went on down home for some vacation in the good ole FL, the parts i can stand. and if the weather werent enough i got to see my favorite duo that also doubles as a couple TWICE! they rocked me as usual and i was glad to give them some out of town support. the first show was actually at my sisters house, she was a very gracious host to a sun crazed M+K. They had a great time and were able to play for 30-40 kids just from some great word of mouth. three cheers for, hip hip.

i wish i could say the tampa show was as good, but it wasnt, it was fucked up. i roll in there and what do i find but 30 high school kids having a dance party to bright eyes. after i was done throwing up all over the place i started to wonder what the fuck was going on. this shit didnt happen when i was in high school. and then i found out there wasnt a drop of alcohol anywhere, my head almost blew up. then matt and kim showed up and went through the same realizations so we waited outside calmly until matt and kim played and then we ran for the hills. at least the place looked cool.

2/8/06 The Hold Steady @ the social & park ave cds (orlando)
also while visiting i got to see another NYC band. the hold steady didnt get as big a response as i was expecting them to get, as they get such a good one back in the city, there were still some great people in the crowd, but it wasnt as epic as i thought it would be, dont get me wrong they played great, but you just want some drunkin singalongs. (i did find out that when they played ybor city the next night shit went off, since it is almost like thier 2nd home they have never been to but sing about all the time)

The instore was fun, i liked the store, i got an old mountain goats 7" they did the bit where franz plays accordian, so it becomes an acoustic set. couple new joints in there.

2/4/06 Oakley Hall, Oxford Collapse, & Awesome Color @ union pool
Oakley hall finally put out a new record so they had a release party for it, it was the first time i had been to the newly renovated union pool, that place is nice, and beer isnt rediculous and its only a hop skip and jump(in that order) from the lorimer stop, not bad at all.
i wasnt feeling awesome color at first but i was quikly converted, these guys rocked out,in a great bluesy garage kinda way(think the mooney suzuki, but good)(SLAM!) and they seem to be playing todd shows all the time, so if you see em on a bill go early and dont miss them. in fact they are playing on 3/29 (wed) @ the glasshouse

OXCO played a set that was better than most but not thier finest. i still cant help but yearn for the days that some wilderness was thier main repetoir, it was heavier, it was more thier own sound. i do have to give them mad props (if those are still given) on getting signed to sub pop, these dudes work so hard, they deserve thier success.

Oakley Hall were excellent, maybe they were on fire because of the excitment of finally getting that record out, but maybe they just bring it all the time and i have been in the dark. its like a country bluesy rock collective. really great guitars and really good varied vocals keep it really interesting, they played 2 sets, close to 90mins, brian chase even sat in on the tabla for a song (the next week oakley opened for the yyy's at thier bowery gig)
they are playing again in midapril as part of a benefit a buddy of mine is putting on, keep an eye out for more details on that one, it should be a good night. go pick up the new record, second guessing, out on amish records.

2/2/06 Ex-Models @ the knit
i kicked feb off with an old favorite who have once again regained my respect, after the last time i saw them i was a bit let down, since it was down to 2 members and a drum machine, but the Ex-Models have reinvented themselves as a duo. they are now playing long lush noise scapes. guitar driven, bass stomping noise, and its brutally good. there were some great visuals that night courtesy of mighty robot, they always do the coolest shit and they use those projectors that your history teacher used to write all the notes on colonial times with. only these aint no whigs and torries if you know what im saying, no, i dont either, abracadabra!

i guess fabruary wasnt to long, oh well, let us MARCH!


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