Saturday, March 25, 2006

3/10/06 Black Dice, White Magic & Wizzards @ High five space

I got to high five only about an hour after doors and somehow i just missed the only band i really wanted to see. Wizzards has brian gibson, the bass dude from LB playing drums while this other dude makes noise with some boxes and pedals and shit. the record sounds good, but its one of those noise acts youve got to see to get the full effect. i couldve broken things i was so angry. So then after i calmed down White magic took the stage, i had heard good things about their goth folk sound but it made me want to take a nap more than anything. im on the fence about this new folk revolution, some of its good and some of it i cant stand. i managed to snap a few before curling up in a ball on the floor.

Now Black Dice i had seen once before a very long time ago and hated with a passion. but it was while i was waiting to see godspeed so i may have been a little biased, but i remember it just being like free noise stuff that just wondered and at no point formed any kind of song, and just hurt my ears a lot. but this performance changed my whole BD world. they are playing a lot more rhythmic noise now, i really like it, the beat has a good backbone for a nice lush sounding noise layer on top, even a guitar at times, i like the evolution they have gone through and am now a fan, but you make the call on this one.

they had some great visuals too:

and on a side note, i had noticed this large mural of raphael on the wall at high five:

but only this time did the crowd clear so i could see the rest of it, breathtaking:


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