Sunday, March 26, 2006

3/16/06 SXSW Day 2

Heavily medicated and ready for day 2 i was on my way to Mrs. B's when i walked by emos annex and heard some sweet brit rock coming out the doorway. shit was free so i popped my head in for a little while and saw this great band Field Music they play a more beatles-esque version of brit pop. its something different than the more recent wave of british bands.

Back to Mrs. B's in time to catch the end of Saviours. They are more of that rockin SF metal, it occured to me at that point that was the home of the new kick ass metal scene, or maybe its been there forever, they got all kinds of shit out there one the left coast.

Erase Errata was the reason we hit up that spot, like i mentioned when i saw them in august theyve gone through a line up change. shit works, they are chugging along, im interested to see what the next album will sound like in coomparison to the previous ones.

After that I headed north 8 or 10 blocks to the vice trifecta of stages. two small rooms and an outdoor. As we were walking up i heard the crazy japanese noise of Afrirampo the drums and guitar duo are the craziest girls from JP ive ever seen, outside of japanese horro movies of course. they rocked out, but also played some lighter songs since it was the middle of the day and they werent playing right before lightning bolt. the drummer started to chat between songs, and her limited grasp of english made her sound even crazier, not to mention she was talking about how all the rocks and trees and animals were all music and to listen to them as well as the band, psycho.

I left a tad early so that we could make it to the longbranch inn for Young Knives i was not at all disappointed by these guys, i love thier songs, the first record, here comes the rumor mill, sounds great put them in the same catergory as the rakes, and if that aint enuff the two dudes are brothers. intense set.

I saw islands few months ago, i think i negelcted to mention that, the show was fun but i wasnt ultra-impressed, but that shit all changed after this set. the islanders were fucking on like genghis kahn. they fucking had so much energy. and they blew through some great songs, no filler whatsoever, and if that werent enough towards the end of the set busdriver and subtitle blew up on stage and kick it fresher than the freshest mcs could ever kick it. i fucking love busdriver, fear of a black tangent is the shit. long live islands!

Walked back over to the outdoor stage to catch J.mascis of Dinosaur jr. fame in his new band Witch, a band where he fucking rocks out on drums, never thought that would be, but it is and it rocks, dont let those grey locks fool you, j is nowhere near done and he proves it, when he provides the killer beats for thier metal slow jamz. album out now.

Then i went inside for to the other vice stage to see another band, that was for sure gonna be my favorite new band, but first i had to sit through the second werst band i got to see at sxsw. they were called plan b, i wont even bother linking them, you dont want to go near it. imagine some one like the streets(i dig streets), now imagine that same person likes eminem(i cant stand slim), now imagine he takes those two styles sets them to some acoustic guitar and gets a drummer that is embarassed to sit next to him, booyah, you got plan b, not one song went by where this guy didnt mention rape and back alley abortions, i really wished i could turn my ears off dude was fucking painful, the drummer probably wishes he had gone with plan a. BO! i have nightmares about seeing this band again.

Three fucking cheers for You Say Party! We Say Die! seriously best new band that i thought would be good. these guys remind me of pretty girls make graves before they got more into the artpunk stuff. these guys are straight up rockin dance party jamz. i give them my full seal of DYFAO approval. i had only heard 2 songs before this show but was already a fan, got the album on the spot and its also fucking great, to band these canadian kids dont get down to the states as much as i like, but youll definately know when they will be here next, cause ill be first in line, further listening: "the gap"

Next we hit up the iheartcomix party at the beauty bar just in time to see Giant Dragwho are anything but. this quirky rock duo has some of the most the wierdest stange banter and song names on the planet. the highlight has to be "YFLMD" which is short for you fuck like my dad, check em out they rock.

The Cribs were after that. i was in quite a good mood and had a really good time with thier brit rock stylings, super fast and catchy.

Protocol was soon to follow, they were not very innovative in any way, but they were still very good, its a power indie kind of sound, the guitars riffs are very quick and that seems to be the most powerful sound in the band, kind of in the way the guitars are in bloc party.

Annie came up after that and it seemed like that was what every one was there for, but i was very unimpressed with the nordic diva. i hadnt really got into her this past year like the majority of people up here. but i did like her saong chewing gum when it was with hey willpower! that shit goes off like crazy, but when she did it live sans will i was not that into it. and she kept complaining about the sound. i was kind of hoping she would storm offstage. oh well.

The main event here, for me anyway was my first glimpse at australias Wolfmother they didnt dissapoint. they had a really great stage presence in addition to having some great tunes. its like some really good classic rock sounding shit, back to the good old days. leather vest? i think so.

Hit up some club down the street from there and went to the only show i paid for the whole time. it had kicked off a lot earlier but i blew in just in time for a set from Part Chimp that was like 10x awesomer than thier show at the knit, these dudes are fucking metal and they love it, if you want to get your ears blown out through your ass go check em out.

But the reason i went was because i havent seen Thunderbirds are Now! in like a month or two and that seems to long. they were in top form starting a dance contest bringing rahim and the plastic constelations on stage with them, and delivering a diatribe about how every one should have a great time and fuck all the industry people because no one needs them, and he didnt have to tell me that, i already knew.


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