Friday, July 01, 2005

been a long lonely lonely lonely...

sorry for the absence me matties been busy this week looking for a new apt due to the absence of shows, but heres the weekend wrap up:

-tonight @ bb kings @ 7:30 the Aquabats! w/ the epoxies and teh phenomenauts
-tonight @ mercury lounge @ 11:30 Home Video
-tonight @ Tommys tavern @ 9pm Bent Outta Shape, The Modern Machines and The Ergs

-Saturday @ Palace Tavern @ 8pm Cause for Applause, Inouk, and tommorows friend
-Saturday @ Knitting Factory @ 11:30 Minibosses (nintendo covers)
-Saturday@ 232 3rd Street, at the corner of 3rd Ave, brooklyn @ 8pm the mountain goats more details @

-Sunday@ Spirit @ 8pm the fever

-Monday@ Battery Park @ 4pm Yo la Tengo and Stephen Malkmus
-Monday @ 300 Livingston St., between Bond & Nevins, Downtown Brooklyn @ 8pm the mountain goats more details @

Have fun and im going on vacation so i probably wont post after monday until the 13th so look it up yourself, and dont miss the s.t.r.e.e.t.s. show and the oxford collapse/ constantines show, have fun!


Anonymous dpham said...

hell yeah vacation time. can i come too? too late sucker face, im jumping on that shit with you and manda and im gonna dj till the cows come home. rock and rock fucker. cant wait to see you. eye heart you and your blog madness. 40 oz dance parties are on the horizon. im packin my bags as we speak. till monday.

your bff

2:51 AM  

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