Saturday, June 25, 2005

Plan-It-X Fest @ The Stay Gold Gallery 06/24/05

Ive had the time of my life and ive never felt this way before. $10, 13 bands, and an endless amount of fun. Honestly best festival ive ever attended. So many super nice people all there to have a great time. I want to know why punk in the mainstream today is so shitty, and labels like plan-it-x continue to put out great music that so few people hear. Well that didnt matter last night because it was all the faithful, and i dont know if the foundation wouldve been still standing had any one else showed up. It was a hot summer day outside and it was a sweaty humid day inside. The school bus pulled up at 230 and the party didnt stop til some one called the cops but even then we started again and just pretended nothing ever happened.

They posted the line up early but of course they didnt stick to it in the least.

Not even 72 hours after the last time the good good took the stage to play a very similar set to the one i saw on tuesday. Every one on the tour was so excited because it was a treat for them to see this band, thats the best part about all those kids they are so excited when their own bands play but they flip when they get to see a special guest. They were not disappointed, in fact, ginger from, one reason, who played close to the end, couldnt say enough about how much she enjoyed the good good.

I had never heard Rosa before, but i couldntve been happier to finally experience thier sound live. These four kids play some great anti-folk, and at some points its with home made instruments, the kid even had a wash tub bass he made, thats punk rock if ive ever seen it. i picked up their cd (because every cd in the place was only $5) and its really great, get the cd and learn the songs so that next time they play through you can scream along because they dont use any amps or mics so they could use the help getting it to the people in the back.

The Max Levine Ensemble was another band i had never seen. They play really good, simple 3 chord punk rock. Something about it is special though, i still cant put my finger on it, but i picked up thier cd as well, so i can give it further listening and try to figure it out. Thier front man was all over the venue the whole time due to his distributing his comic books for free to any one that wanted them.

This bike is a pipe bomb is a band i have wanted to see for a long time, but sadly before tour started the guitarist and bassist stayed home due to pnuemonia, but
Ted the drummer decided that he couldnt let the kids down so he came on tour by himself and all the kids in all the other bands did thier part to help out on the songs they know how to play, i cant think of anything more awesome one person from most of the bands played something on at least one song, and they sounded great, as ginger remarked when she was playing drums "This Bike Is A Super Band!"
(thats ted on the left)

The Door-Keys were really fun girl-fronted punk rock. Straight up no frills no bullshit. i dont mean to sell them short i just dont know what else to say about them.

Madeline was a very pretty solo lady who played her folkeu little heart out. Singer/songwriter stuff, delivered softly and sweetly to and eager crowd of sweaty punk kids, i actually talked to some friends who came for her and they werent disappointed, neither was i, its nice to take a break sometimes. and on some tracks she was joined by some more friends from the tour to fill out her sound.

Hotdog is my hero was a local act i had never seen before that was added to the show just about right before they went on. They play sntimental acoustic folk songs about living in new york with plenty of references to places we know and love, and that always adds to a hometown show.

Matt & Kim are beautiful and amazing. They are another local act who actually only live 2 blocks away from the gallery. They are a drums and syth duo. kims got the chops and matts got the chopsticks. Another band i cant say enough about, maybe if atom and his package and reggie and the full effect merged and got more talent and were able to be widdled down to two people they would sound like matt and kim. And on top of it all they had such a good time at the show they gave out thier cd for free. Hooray for Matt and Kim.

Erin Tobey was another solo girl act. She was just as good as Madeline, with her sweet melodies that calmed the crowd after matt and kim made every one go crazy, she just released a cd that can sooth your soul when it needs it.

One Reason brought every one right back to rocking speed. Another band i had never seen befor, but immediatly became a fan of. Really quality punk rock from the mississippi delta, that makes you say, wow mississippi huh? yes mississippi, between them and Hot New Mexicans you cant mess with the sippi.(i didnt want to write out mississippi a fourth time, damn there it was) Listened to thier cd on the way to work and i think i scared the ladies on the subway with my rocking.

This is the point where the cops came and after hasseling the owners for about 20 minutes they went to go get some pastries and let us go on with the show, so Ghost Mice took the stage, i hhave been a fan of thier acoustic folk rock singalongs for quite a while now and was eager to see them perform for the first time. I wasnt disappointed in the least, another band with no mics or amps that you just had to listen to, unless you knew the words, then you could yell it out lound, even though every one shouldve kept it down when they sang "murdering racists cops" but what the hay right.

Kimya D. Awesome did her job after GM she blew through about five or six of her funnest singalongiest happiest songs, instead of her norm set where she gets a little emotional with you, but tonight was about fun, so she gave us some more. She even ended her set with, we wont stop until somebody calls the cops and even then well start again and just pretend that nothing ever happened... she was right about that one. (and for the first time i noticed at the bottom of her guitar it says "made in vagina"

Defiance, Ohio closed off the night the way they always do, with the loudest sweatiest sing along they can possibly accomplish. A really awesome set from the kids, they needed to get it out i guess due to the show from the night before getting shut down 2 songs into thier set. but nothing gets a lounder response then when geoff sings "fuck this city and fuck this filthy air" especially when they play in the city, good luck on the rest of the tour kids, not like you need it, you got enough good times to keep you going for ever.

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happy birthday edan!

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Holy mother, that would have been the best day of my life. Jealous!

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