Friday, June 24, 2005

Junior Senior @ Mercury Lounge 6/23/05

The gods have smiled upon me once again. I showed up at the merc about 10 minutes before junior senior played and i asked the bouncer if they were releasing any more tickets, he said no so i begged him to ask the door lady and sho'nuff they let me and the gf in. I nealry shit right there at the bar, but was afraid of getting the boot, so after ten mins of waiting those crazy swedish dance poppers took the stage by storm complete with a full band (rhythm guitarist, drummer, 2 back up singers and a super hot lady on the bass) The two backup singers started the show with a whisper quiet "go junior, go senior" that just built until they busted out the full song "do the kids dig what we do?" i can safely say YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. If youve never hear j/s first album then you dont care about dancing at all. They played to a really enthusiastic crowd which was super cool because i finally went to a show where most every one was dancing and the band really appreciated it. They blasted through most of thier old stuff and they played a lot of new stuff, they saved shake your cocoanuts for the end before they did an encore of some more new stuff. its not super different but it is super fun and there is even some hip hop influence in there, some rap stylings. during the encore senior told the crowd that we were way better than LA and thats fuckin right we are. Look out for the new single "Itch you cant scratch" its gonna be a a song of the summer if they can get it out in the us fast enough.


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