Friday, June 17, 2005

The Sadies & Heavy Trash @ The Pussycat Lounge 06/16/05

My first time at the pussycat lounge had me puzzled because i walked in and there are all these girls shaking titties in my face before i can close the door, and im like hello nasty. so i go back out the door and see a staircase so i go up it and am still not sure if im in the right place until john spencer shoves me out of his way to get by, im here. This space is nice and out of the way, to bad out of the way means in the financial district, door was $12 and then i went to the bar and got a can of pbr and it was $4!!! I couldnt fucking believe it, regoddamndiculous.

The Sadies were great from start to finish, they went back and forth from surf rock, man in black style country, rock-a-billy, blues and doowop rock. Really energetic four piece from canada, its pronounced say-deez. The lead guitarist was really good at that surf-guitar sound and he even wipped out a fiddle for a couple of songs and it really complimented the stand up bass well, and i think the two lead guys may be brothers.

Heavy Trash finds John Spencer doing his dirtiest elvis impression. Along with his friend Matt Verta-Ray (of speedball baby) they bring a sound thats straight up rock-a-billy, and to round out thier live show they invited every one from the Sadies to be there backing band, and the pleasure ensued from there. Spencer has truoble doing the elvis lip thing so he just rests it on the mic most times. They play songs that sound like they could be classics, "yeah baby" "Take my hand" & "under the waves" couldve been written ages ago, but they are pretty brand new, other songs like "gatorade", his ballad to eating pussy, probably wouldnt have been written back in the hayday. They ripped through 15 songs and then played a three song encore, and it was amazing, its still true about john spencer having a really captivating stage presence and it was cool to see it in such a small place away from the blues explosion.


Anonymous d-christ said...

hey hey

i saw you go upstairs, and the next thing i new you was gone - glad you got home okay though...
i have this weekend off from work, so we should hang out, my phone is completely dead though and i proabably won't be getting a new one til next week so i'm under the radar now. post here or emizail me and let me know whatcha doin

and i'm not mad about the pallet fire

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