Friday, June 24, 2005

Growing & Comets on Fire @ Bowery Ballroom 06/23/05

A sparks, a one-hitter and 8 blocks later i arrived at bowery ballroom towards the beginning of Growing's set. These guys played a really deafening wall of sound made from two guitars with various effect pedals, it kind of had a cycling sound quality to it, it came in waves it undulated out of the amps. Definatley worth checking out live, i dunno how it would translate to cd though, hopefully well.

Comets on Fire was amazing. Seriously, this has to be the best noise rock band i have ever seen it is so all over the place and so tight at the same time. i really cant express the live feeling it was so rock awesome. it was like if CCR took tons acid, bought some distortion pedals and just jammed forever. Thier drummer is a fucking killer, he kept the whole thing going, playing really intricate crazy beats and noodling his way back and forth to line up with the rest of the band, breathtaking, truly. If you have not yet picked up blue cathedral and have ever had any interest in noise rock, get it now, because in my experience you arent going to find much better, they played for more than an hour, but when it was over it wasnt enough, oh well ill just have to see them again sometime. Hold the phone, they are playing mighty robot tonight for $9, wow a loft party with comets on fire, i wonder if that will be any fun, hmmm.


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