Tuesday, June 21, 2005

no junior no senior

-i blew it once again and didnt get a jr/sr ticket before they sold out, i am officially the asshole, but there are still plenty of tix for the comets on fire show @ bowery that night, i thought that was the one to sell out, stupid me.

-in good news the white stripes will play keyspan park in coney island on september 24th with the shins and brendan benson, tix on sale saturday @ 9am. and i am very scared i will miss out on tix for that, if anyone is going to order tix get me one and ill pay you back. i will not miss this show i promise (productshop reports that the show will also be on the 25th and 26th, there is hope yet)

-dfa 1979 covered block party on thier myspace page, its actually pretty awesome, in other dfa news they are going to tour with nin and queens of the stone age this summer, rock show!

-pink floyd is gonna reform for live 8

-thunderbirds are now! will be back in late august to support les savy fav

-siren added 2 more bands: nine balck alps and be your own pet (dunno them either)

-smashing pumpkins to reform, adding billy corgans ego as fifth member

-as for the rest of this week it is shaping up nicely: as i write @ 93 montrose there is a $5 punk show going on w/ shitstorm, the good good, & bent outta shape.
Wed: Oranges Band @ north6
Thurs: jr/sr @ merc/ comets on fire @ bowery
Fri: Plan it x fest @ the stay gold gallery/ comets on fire @ mighty robot
Sat: Grizzly Bear @ east river park/ the sadies, stars, the new pornographers @ prospect park bandshell/ bunnybrains & green milk from the planet orange @ the glass house
Sun: behold the archtopus @knitting factory downstairs/ sountrack of our lives @ knitting factory upstairs.

-get out there and be lean


Anonymous Dpham said...

hey edan just wanted to let you know that the band "be your own pet" is pretty good garage rocky indie shit. their lead singer has tons of energy and they put on a really rocking show. i believe they are from down south. i saw them open for my fav band electrelane at the troubadour about 4 days ago. so check them out. miss you, and will be joining you shortly. peace out muthafucka.


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