Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Bent Outta Shape, Dirty Dirty, Shitstorm & The Good Good 06/21/05 @ jane doe books

The show started at 730 and i didnt get there until 830 so i only caught the last two songs of Bent Outta Shape's set, but you can check out my review of them @ the glasshouse. The guitarist, jaime, said they played pretty much the same set list.

Dirty Dirty was a nifty little punk rock quintet from SF out here on tour, they play some fast stuff, some slow stuff, some in between, they stand out due to thier two singers, one male, the other a screamy lady. i picked up thier cd of demos and its a lot cleaner recorded, some songs have a very fugazi feel to them, live they really rock it out so you can jump up and down, and really nice people, thier bass player had to lean up against the wall cause he screwed his leg up real bad skateboarding.

Shitstorm was anything but, they play tom waits/firewater style sea chantys, but with a lady on vox, and she is a good singer, this girl is dominated by the ladies, the only boy is the guitarist/back up siner whos very cool (between sets he played this little cut and paste animation he shot on 8mm and he played a song that went with it on a yucalaylee(is that how you spell that) it was super cute) the chantys go from light to heavy and back again really good sing along, swing along songs if you knew the lyrics to sing along, they were from SF too, out here to play any place they could, and they were very thankful to play because they were very well recieved by the brooklyn kids. i picked up thier cd and it is really good punk rock in the vein of old sleater-kinney and then about halfway through they switch gears to that sea chanty stuff i mentioned earlier, nice clean recording too, they spray paint thier own cds and the sleeves are made from brown paper bags.

The Good Good have became ny staples. I saw them for the first time over 2 years ago and they have just gotten better since, they did a mini tour with dirty dirty and shitstorm and have come back to play for us again. Thier music is kind of ethereal noodling music that is very full and lush and then sometimes stripped down to the basics and sometimes just to one instrument, they have this casio keyboard that the girl who plays guitar uses to do some live sampling and looping, they also have a tape machine that plays odd loops sometimes, very tribal sing song at times, definately worth seeing if you havent already, and guess what, you can see them this friday @ 451 grand st for plan-it-x fest, 12pm workshops start at 12 or 1 and the music starts around five, this show is not to be missed i promise.


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