Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Dudley Corporation, Home Video & Pinback @ The Stone Pony 05/27/05

I took a trip out to the seaside on friday to as(s)bury park, nj. Man oh man that place was a shithole, but it kind of grew on me, the sadness of urban decay. There are buildings there that got half built and then just got abandoned right in the middle of building. the bigger bitch is that you have to pay to go on the beach, i guess when its your only asset you gotta make the most of it. i got a pic of the asbury park smiley faced guy thats what i wanted to see most, besides pinback of course. Pinback and HV are on a mini-tour together headin out to calimazoo wherver that is. The Stone Pony is a great venue, they have a big bag yard and they have local bands play during the main acts set ups. There were some good bands out there, i missed the name of the first guys but it was a really rockin drums and guitar duo, then there was this other band whos guitarist was insane, but didnt look like he fit in that band at all, he was all thurston moore, and the rest of the band was all victory records.

-The Dudley Corporation was the first band to go on inside and they had a good sound that was made up of these long noodling churning rock songs that seemed to roll on forever, and then when they took a break it was like the just went back to where they left off on the journey(not steve perry). A solid band, they went along with the pinback vibe.

-Home Video played a really solid set and i went along with them and video taped it so they knew what they looked like on stage. It went really well, the crowd that came for pinback had no problems getting down to thier sounds. It was actually one of the best crowd responses ive seen them get yet, thats what they get for venturing out of the city and meeting people who arent afraid of what every one else around them thinks. They sold out of thier cds for the next 4 days within 5 mins of thier set ending. And about 15 kids asked if they had anymore while they were breaking down thier equiptment, hope the other two cities have been as good to them.

(only pic i got)

-Pinback was great, i think thier new record, summer in abadon, is really solid and they kind of have thier own rock sound going, really heavy guitars, with really passionate vocals, it something that they do thats thier own, i mean im sure other people are doing it but not like this. I shouldve caught them while they were in the city. and you shoudlve too.


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