Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Siren Update (as much as can be given)

Siren is usually awesome, its hot, its crowded, its smelly, and it sounds good. But thanks to Pitchfork's Intonation festival. Lots of great acts have already been booked up, Pitchfork used to be the only music news i read back in the day, but now i think they are getting to big for those pants they are wearin, why would you book a festival in chi-town opposite one of the best free fests of the summer, seems like a dick move. Death From Above 1979, Broken Social Scene, and The Decemberists are among the taken, usually the full line up has been announced by now, but such is not the case, BrooklynVegan, has posted that what we have so far is this:

VHS or Beta
Q and not U

(he also started a rumor the arcade fire was talking about it, but lets not continue that one)

Acefu Records has also reported that thier darlings The Dears are slated. Thats all weve got at this point, which isnt bad, id go just for those bands, i am just worried that they will book some really huge act and then all the half assed music fans will turn up and you wont be able to see shit, i didnt even bother trying to get over to death cab last year, i was perfectly fine with my trail of dead thank you very much. Lets keep those finger crossed, and i guess you should still save the date (July 16th.)


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