Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Bug Sized Mind, Mothus, Metalux & Lightning Bolt @ North Six 05/24/05

This show did not work, i mean on a level yes: When you have a band like Lightning Bolt come, you know you are going to get some strange noise acts, but you expect them to rock, none of the three openers had the crowd moving at all, and thats not what you want at a show like this, you want to be rocked a little bit and then you want it to build up until you have to rock out to LB and then you kick it into over drive, lemme explain:

Bug Sized Mind was not bad, he just didnt fit, he played a bunch of synth, samplers, and pedals, and he wore a crazy costume, the costume worked the ripping, shredding wall of noise, not so much, it was like being trapped uder a car while some one was listening to wolf eyes through blown out speakers. Which hasnt been my thing since the accident.

Mothus probably fit best in this line up, it was a duo, drums and bass. they played some good tunes, nothing to hard, it was mostly just out there jams that went on kind of long and noodled around, the guy played his guitar with a bow for half the set which seemed like a cool idea, but you couldnt really here it unless he was hitting the strings, the drummer put some cool effects on his drums some times, but like i said it just went on forever.

Metalux needs to change thier name to Venue Poison. Good god this is my new least favorite band, it was kind of like Bug Sized Mind only infinitely worse. Tape Loops, knob twiddling and terribly distorted vocals, it was so annoying, it was like some kind of industrial accident where like 8 machines got stuck together and the only way to get them unstuck is to run all of them at once and have a girl bellow into all of them to try and scream them free. STAY AWAY FROM THIS BAND, if they are playing at a show go have a smoke or something, you can tell when thier over by the sounds of relief.

It was about time Lightning Bolt came in and saved the day with thier brand of crazy drums and bass noise rock, the best part is they play on the floor they are part of the audience while being the act, and as soon as they started that venue came alive, they totally redeemed the entire show, i had forgotten and forgiven everything for just a taste of the awesome that is lightning bolt, i cant recomend you see this band more, its a must. They played for like 45+ mins and i dont know how they can keep it up as long as they do, the drums are absolutley insane. The crowd was a sea of freaking out bodies, i cant believe i got the pics i did, and the best part was they saved my favorite, "Ride the Skies" for the end and then they extended it and turned it into this crazy awesome finale that i wont soon forget, be at The Hook on Thurs or lose again. viva la bolt.

My ears are still ringing louder than they have since the last time i saw them.


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