Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oxford Collapse, Chin Up Chin Up & Cause Co-motion @ glasslands 10/07/06

Record release party for oxco's remember the night parties which is a good record, but as always i long for the original line up to make more records.

Cause Co-motion are winners in my book, sometimes aggitating and always dancy surf tunes. Lofi and low budget rockers that get those asses shakin.

Chin Up x2 are a band that i enjoy live, but really cant listen to the records, the life show has so much more umph to it, another great dance rock band.

OxCo close off thier night party with a really long set full of guest instrumenters to make it a celebration. this was easily the longest set ive seen them play and it was a comfortable at hometown gig lots of raging and a bit of moshing which was something i doubt they get very often.


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