Sunday, March 25, 2007

August 2006

Rancid @ bb kings 8/?/06
Rancid is definately another one of those punk bands that is to much a part of my younger years to let go, they got some crap coming out these days, but it aint all bad. The point is the live show is never gonna be bad, the fans are always in a frenzy and the band knows excatly what the crowd wants to hear, they stick with lets go and and out come the wolves... and its perfect, this time around they even did fucking opiv covers, who the fuck can say no to that.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs & Sonic Youth @ mccarren park pool 08/?/06
My only chance to get into the pool last summer and it was great, my first time seeing sonic youth and i wasnt even close to disappointed. They ran through a lot of new material which is great because rather ripped is a phenomenal record. they got some classics in there to. and can i say this, why does marc ibald get to be in pavement and then strangers with candy and now sonic youth. shit isnt fair.

YYYs killed it, i know they have a shit ton of hype, but they deliver the goods. they are all so great at what they do, and karen o is one hell of a front woman even if she did move out of nyc.

Gravy Train @ the knit 8/?/06
Well ok so i didnt get any pix of the gravy train show, they played great as usual. i definately have a place in my heart for unadulterated queer-core. so i asked if i could share a cab with them to the after party and they said sure and i snapped this.

ToddPs 1st big summer outdoor show (non-acoustic) @ a parking lot 8/?/06
Some crazy parking lot brought out a bunch of kids for some awesome bands.
Necking were first up, and they kicked it off in style, this is actually the strongest performance i have seen them give. I think it had to do with the keyboard player, hes not usually present.

Parts + Labor were next and as usual they blew it up, to bad it was so early i didnt have it in me to rock so hard before 4.

Dan Deacon tickled me, little did i know that this man would quickly become one of my favorite one man acts of any genre ever. The man is a crazy amazing modern day classical music artist, and if that description is misleading then my bad.

High places were next, they played on an empty staircase and they played it great.

Spank rock played next and he was amazing, thats why everyone came out and you know it the man is a wizard with a microphone, shake it til my dick turn racist is right.

he even got juiceboxxx to throw down at that bitch.

Japanther played crazy good.

This Bike is a Pipe Bomb finally graced the city with thier presence after an unsuccessful attempt last summer due to the flue. but they came back and they rocked us. fuck yeah florida.

a pleasent afternoon for rocking.

The Rentals @ irving plaza 8/4/06
I had been waiting for this show for so damn long and it was so good to finally be there, the rentals have returned and they played to a sold out audience of fans that had all waited just as long as i had.


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