Sunday, June 11, 2006

Genghis Tron & Gospel @ the knit (tap bar) 5/30/06

Its about time i saw some fucking metal. after the tragedy of missing tragedy at cb's the night before i went to check out the genghis tron record release show, and it fucking rawked. Gospel have been haunting this city for quite some time now, they play the droning dark metal brand, really long heavy guitar riffs, bring that shit home.

Genghis Tron kill. They play spazzmetal techno-grindcore if it sounds awesome thats because it is, with mostly preprogrammed beats, these three guys rock out like crazy, a killer guitarest knocks out the riffs while the two other dudes blast away on synthesizers and drum machines and then scream out the lyrics on top of it all. This was a party for thier new album, dead mountain mouth, which is great from what i heard on this night. World tour coming in july.


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