Sunday, March 25, 2007

June 2006

Thanksgiving w/Fast Fourier @ cake shop 6/?/06
I will never be able to say enough about fast fourier it is noise at its finest, two dudes from grizzly bear make up the majority of this band, thats the problem, grizzly bear blows up like the godfather and this band is left by the wayside only playing a random show here and there, they have had a record completed for about two years now and the aholes over at narnack are just sitting on it.

Thanksgiving played a tremendous set despite being jetlagged and sick, any one who compares him to the microphones is totally in the right, but in no way is that a bad thins, his merch was a little expensive, but what are you gonna do.

It Lives! @ the black cat 6/?/06
Killer stoner jams from these guys, this used to be a solo project called pants, but now after going through 100 names hopefully they will stick with this one so they can start to get a following. psyched out guitar, keith moon on drums, and a tight bass line.

Lightning Bolt w/ Bunnybrains @ some crazy loft in bushwick 06/?/06
Bunnybrains brought thier usual antics complete with transvestite midgets, yes that was an s on the end of midget. the dash of nudity was quick to come soon after but shit happens when your dress is made of plastic wrap. I did like them a lot more than in the past and i think its because soft circle is thier new drummer and he slays.

Lightning Bolt played the longest set i have ever seen them play, it was so taxing they played a lot of new stuff, and improvised for a while before playing a few hits and ending thier set or so i thought. after about 10 mins they started up again and it was hit after hit after hit, i dont know where i got the extra energy but somehow i was able to rock for another 15 mins, god bless the bolt.

Bent Outta Shape (last show ever) w/ Drunken Boat @ tommys tavern 06/?/06
I guess i shouldve talked about this a while ago, but im sure that goes for everything, but a really great nyc punk band said goodnight for the last time on this night and while it was amazing they will be missed.
Drunken Boat opened, these guys are great i have had thier split with bent for a while, but they are really great live too, that middle america dirt punk sound, with some female vocals as not to be another band in the crowd.

They went out with quite a bang, every one made it out for this show. So many kids packed into that back room and so many of them not even knowing how to use a bar of soap made that thick air completely unbreathable. the highlight was definatley when rudes and cheaps was sung entirely by the crowd. i miss bent, but you can see the kids in Bossy & Young Men and im sure many other new bands to come. rip.

Hari Honzu @ Zebulon 06/?/06
Ill talk more about these kids later, but ill just say that its a new sound its rock, its jazz, its dissonance, but most importantly it grabs you without having a single vocal.

Matt + Kim, Hawnay Troof, High Places & Big Digits @ some patio 6/?/06
Big Digits brought it out, these two guys look pretty awkward at first but they are so into you cant help but love it and get up to and say you know what fuck it. They play crazy scream along booty jams, you gotta love all this dancy shit that is goin around these days, puts some beats on an ipod and shake that ass.

High Places make some beautiful lush soundscapes. Rob keeps the tempo on his drum pads while mary serenades you with her beautiful voice.

Vice Cooler is Hawnay Troof, and i cant help but go nuts for that guy hes crazy and he loves every second of it, he played some new stuff, but we also got to hear modern classics like "boys get hard" & "dry hump".

i think if i give matt and kim one more great review this webpage will explode i will never be able to say enough about either of them whether it be that they are a really great band who know how to move a crowd or that they are two of the nicest people youll ever meet

Eels @ wfc 6/?/06
Eels played a free show for the cities summer frestivals. Smoosh opened, i missed them. Eels played a crazy great set to a thousand losers sitting in chairs, thank god a dance party finally broke out at the end when they played the fast version of i like birds. They also had this great personal security guard who was really huge and he kept going into the crowd and E would point at some one and he would walk over and spray whip cream in thier mouth. thats the kinda security we need. Does everyone have enough dessert?

Boy Least Likely To @ the knit 6/?/06
Got to catch the end of these guys set the same night as the eels show. They were a lot of fun, but seem like one of those brit buzz bands of the moment, they do a good job but i dont think they will be remembered much in between albums, im just saying.

Bird Names @ cake shop 6/?/06
And to complete my triple crown of showgoing that night i got to see Bird Names play at cake shop, these kids from chicago throw together a great ramshackle sound, very abstract but very lush, theres a lot going on and every time they come around its a new arrangement with a new band of gypsies and after they were done they shuffled off into the night, and by that i mean they got frozen margaritas and stooped it up.

Aquabats @ bb kings 6/?/06
I will see the aquabats anywhere at anytime they always put on a really fun show and its all for the kids.

Japanther, Hey Willpower, Juiceboxxx & Squidbots @ Michelines 6/?/06
This show was fucking insanely amazing and intimate. Michelines is a small basment way out on the J in the area where the stops become unpronouncable.
Squidbots played crazy awesome fuzzed out noise jamz they were pretty fun and pretty topless.

Oh dear my first time seeing Juiceboxxx, what can i say about that kid but what the fuck was milwaukee thinking when they let you escape. Juiceboxxx is the hardest working MC in the biz hands down. Hes looking for the kids who just cant get enough.

Hey Willpower continues to astound audiences here and abroad, hes got a new record out across the pond that i am super hungry for, but in the meantime theres a new imperial teen record about to drop.

Of course Japanther brought that fucking house down, one of the best nyc live bands. they always rock the shit out even when thier stacks collapse on top of them. JPNTHR 2K7 yall.

Bouncing Souls @ the knit 6/6/06
I dunno how you spent your 666 but i spent mine finishing up the bouncing souls marathon in honor of their newest cd the gold record, which actually turned out to be quite a disappointment, but at least they can still do it right at the live show, a lot of teenage jersey kids had the time of thier lives that night.


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