Sunday, March 25, 2007

July 2006

Hightower @ cake shop 7/?/06
Hightower play heavy ass skate rock from SF, by the end of this show there were so many shattered beer bottles on the floor and it was so slippery the guitarist cut his face open in like three places

Kims art show @ cinders gallery 7/15ish/06
No music here but i just wanted to give it up for kims big art show, these silkscreened superheroes were really great, makes me wish i had money and/or space.

Japanther & Aa @ europa 7/10/06
This is one of the last times i saw Aa in its form right before the current one, this was very much my favorite of thier many incarnations, it was a bit looser, now they are a tight machine and that aint bad.

Oh look at me i saw japanther for once.

Dragging an ox through water @ some art place in chelsea 7/9/06
i went to see this benefit art show for that armada thing and just when i was about to leave this guy just started to play these sweet songs, i really wish i could find out more about him. the only reason i found out his name was because i ran into some one the very next night who i recognized and luckily he knew. if you know anything please contact me.

Finally Punk w/ Kiosk & fucking lion @ rad pad 7/7/06
Great little space over in greenpoint a nice sweaty basement. Kiosk kicked off like crazy really great girl fronted punky junk. the girl was going off, i love the energy.

Finally Punk blew me away, not a single song over two minutes, they switch all instruments every song, and they are fucking beautiful. Great little girly anthems about wanting boys back, hating on some one named missle and thier love of cable tv and johnny depp flicks, where could they go wrong?

fucking lion was basically the fugue, i dont know why they used a different name on this night but they did and in no way was that a bad thing, they fucked that place up just for good measure.

Japanther, Pixeltan & No Age @ tonic 7/6/06
Fucking killer show, my first taste of No Age. They were great. used to be Wives, now they have widdled down to the essentials drums and guitar and they fucking rock it. no good pics though sorry.
Pixeltan was new for me too, i had been hearing a fair amount about them, you wouldnt know it to look at them, but they rock it out hard, soft circle on drums goin nuts, crazy gangley painfully white bass player with megatight riffs, and a kooky japanese front woman, of course it brings to mind deerhoof, but its not the same, a bit more direct maybe.

OK PARTIES OVER! Japanther! this performance was especially amazing because a fan of theirs had made some two screen video art and the band played along to the film. the film was pretty intense and amazing, the director seemed a bit full of himself (surprise!) but i mean shit it was really good so lets move on.

Harry & the Potters @ the knit 7/5/06
Harry and the potters are another one of those ageless bands that just appeals to so much that is good for kids that you cant stand not to support them. This show was packed out the door, seriously i saw kids in costume that had to be turned away because it was such a mad house, meanwhile the main space had sold 20 tickets. This show was new because they finally got a drummer, and he looks somewhat like ron weasly kids were going crazy, notice the homemade shirt and bubbles. it was the reading and rocking tour.


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