Sunday, June 11, 2006

Wolfmother 6/3/06 @ webster hall

ok so this shows doors were at 6:45, can you tell me what the fuck that shit is about. I guess it was club night, anyway. FUCKING WOLFMOTHER!!! Dear lord these guys rocked way harder then when i saw them at sxsw. Maybe its because they got thier full hour of rock in this time. A great live show to say the least. the lead singer is all over the stage wailing on that axe. while the bass player splits his timing molesting a keyboard like crazy, at the end of each song he had to carry it back to where its supposed to reside. they played every single song. but i guess they dont have a huge back catalog or anything, but still they were everything you could want and more, to bad they got so huge so fast and have to be seen at webster, but when you see them, you understand why.


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