Sunday, April 22, 2007

Meneguar, Gospel, Leaders, Team Robspierre, & Dynamite Arrow @ Pratt half circle thing 10/6/06

Dynamite Arrow roll out those punk rock anthems, a nice breath of familiar air. Classic stylings make for great enthusiasm from band and crowd alike.

Team Robspierre is the shit, i had wanted to check these guys out for a really long while now. Glad i did, they play spazznoise greatness, brings to mind genghis tron on lots of speed, i bought the full length and it pushes the 11 minute mark. lots of people makin lots o noise.

leaders drone on. trudging metal from right here in brooklyn. you can download a bunch of tracks off thier website, check them out and see them when they return from hiatus sometime after may.

Sadly this was the last time i ever got to see Gospel, they broke up quite soon after this show, to bad too. They played such well orchestrated metal it was rediculous breakneck speed, buttloads of time changes, and a drummer to end all drummers.

Meneguar brought the night home with a couple classics. oh i almost forgot to mention the funniest part of this night...there was some ass bag cop who wouldnt leave the area, he just watched and waited for some one to fuck up, meaning every one had to drink very carefully, but halfway through the ordeal the cop gave a speech about how you need to be discreet and if we had regular cups filled with booze he wouldnt have hassled us, what an ahole.


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