Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Shemps, Modern Machines & The Ergs @ Tommys Tavern 07/01/05

After rolling out of bb kings i raced over to greenpoint for the late punk rock show. Sadly i missed lost locker combination and bent outta shape, but it was worth it to see the aquabats. Tommys Tavern is a cool as place, i had never been there before cause its kinda far away, but thier showspace in the back is small and loud and awesome.

The Shemps were pretty hardcore, i got into them without a problem, the front man is tiny, but he packs punch, they blew through a lot of soungs and included a cover of "jenny" that would make tommy tutone pee his pants. and they rocked out a cover of devos uncontrolable urge. See these guys they rock out.

Modern Machines were awesome, just really good driving punk rock. yeah wow, those guys kinda blew me away, i really dont know what to say, they are just having the time of thier lives doing what they do best. Get some mp3s off thier site. do it.

The Ergs have been around the dirty jerz for a while and i have heard nothing but awesome about them, i was really excited to check them out and they rocked it out. they started with a meat puppets cover and it was up and up from there, the night got a bit hazy at that point i know there were some other covers in there, and some really punk rock awesome songs from the power trio. They have a great logo, its the black flag four bars thing, but with jersey outlines in each one. they finished off with a kind of sabbath to pavement jam, and i stumbled home.


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Hey Edan-
I hope you:re having a great fourth of July! I:m stuck at work and it:s POURING.... eat a burger for me will ya?

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