Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Witnesses, Jonny Lives!, & (vera spesha guests) Fountains of Wayne @ The Delancey 05/23/05

Ok so i get to the delancey and i knew there was gonna be some special guest, but it never got leaked who it was gonna be, so i walk up to the door girl, who is to punk to die, and i ask her who it is and she just looks at me and goes " you dont know? its fountains of wayne" which is fucking weird because i was listening to the first album the other day and thought how because of that shitstain of a single, stacys mom, i will probably never see fow in a small setting, and they probably wont play their old stuff, i was wrong.

I went to this show only for The Witnesses, these guys record out on Howler, Tunnel Vision, is a really great blues-rock record in the vain of some MC5. They give you rock music for the soul, some foot stompin, head rockin blues and their guitars scream like crazy, if i ever had a band this is the sound i would want because you dont even have to know the music, it takes you over and puts the spirit in you and even if you had leg braces like forrest gump them shits would blow off you so that you could jump around and on top of that they played some new shit, and that explains why they havent been playin a lot lately they been in the studio, the highlight was definitely "mannequin."

Jonny Lives! were up next, i had never heard these guys but this trio brought that bluesy-rock sound to, but it was more straight up rock, they must be doing somethin right because they are gonna open up for Juliet Lewis's band on Saturday, ill see you there, if some one kills me and carries my corpse to that show. Seriously though, these guys were great and i bet Juliet refuses to go on after them because that shit will pale in comparison. ps their drummer is a beast.

Then after a quick soundcheck out came some Fountains of Wayne, and i expected them not to play their new stuff, and they didnt, sadly they only played like 6 songs but happily one of them was a medley that started and ended with Radiation Vibe and in the in between was white wedding, sharp dressed man, and a few others, after that track they jammed with James Iha on one song (white hair in the pic) I was disappointed that they only played for 20 mins, but thats still more than i would think to see them in such a small club ever, lets here it for happy accidents.


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