Friday, May 20, 2005

Emmit, Tres Ferocious, Erik Landmark & OCS @ The Crosby Gallery 5/20/05

This is a really nice little space, its a tiny art gallery that i have walked by a million times, just below houston. There was no cover, and they had beer for donations, so that means it was a buck a beer. Not to mention all the really cool paintings up on the walls.

Emmit was a nice little singer/songwriter guy, he had some pretty songs that had some nice melodies, im sure he'll get some press if he wants it, otherwise he'll stay quiet and play his songs at art shows.

Tres Ferocious was great, he didnt sing at all, he just played very intricate guitar songs, not crazy heavy, but pretty rockin for an acoustic, lots o' finger pluckin goin on there, i would definately like to hear him again.

Eric Landmark was terrific, he plays really old (like 150 years old) folk songs that hes dug up and tried to bring back to life, and he tries to play them exactly how they wouldve been played, i got his cd ($5, cdr with a printed out insert) after the show and talked to him for a minute and he told me that they are such good songs that hes trying to make his own in that style but they just dont even compare to how good the old stuff is, during the set a guy (nate denver) stood next to him and didnt say anything during the songs, but then in the in between he said stuff like, "that was a good'n how bout another" but halfway through the set he joined in on some backing vocals.

So before OCS played i took a second to say high to an old friend, John P Dwyer who is in OCS, but used to be in my favoritest band in the world ever: the coachwhips, i found out not more than a month ago that they had decided to call it quits, i was crushed, they really are the most fun live show i have ever been to. So i walk up to him and before anything he says, "i got something for you" and he gives me the coachwhips last 7" that i had actually been trying to order for a few weeks, but has been sold out everywhere, so i thank him and ask him why? why? why? and he assured me that it was so he could move on to something better, and his eyes got real wide when he said it, which made me feel a little better, but then he dropped the bomb on me...the coachwhips are going to reunite later this month for 2 shows in NYC, i thought i was going to shit my pants, it is the best news ive gotten this year. I will definatly let you peeps know when and where as soon as i find out myself, because if you think youve been to a show before you are totally wrong, so just deal with it and go to your first show sometime later this month, okay i have to calm down now.

OCS is JPD and Patrick Mullins, the live show is different from the records, there is no noise collage in the background (even though they couldnt get the amp to stop buzzing.) JPD totally switches gears from his unintelligable screaming, to serenade you with beautiful little twangy tunes, with plenty of echo effects. Mullins accompanies with drums, and for a few songs he played the saw, it is a nice little set that you can sit and tap your toes too. Definately a pleasure for the ears, and thats why i am such a fan of Dwyer, the man is so talented and creative, and just an altogether nice guy, and you wouldnt think that for all that hes acomplished at his age, and also he is notorious for being a huge ahole in the SF scene, but i have never experienced anything negative. I just hope he doesnt start a religion because i will probably sign up and i hate religion.

Set List: White Outs/Ship/Second Date/Wait All Night/Goose F Bed/Guilded Cunt/Harmony + Bells/You Oughta Go Home/unknown cover/I Am Slow/Dreadful(Dwyer Solo)

The best part is you have another chance to catch this wonderful show tonight @ the glasshouse gallery (38 S1st btwn Wythe & Kent, Williamsburg) show will probably start early again around 8, youll be done by 11 and then you can go a few blocks away and catch Deerhoof @ north6 or go right next door to that and see Langhorne Slim @ Galapagos. See you there, again.


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