Monday, April 23, 2007

Hari Honzu @ nublu 10/11/06

I went to check out a buddys band at this crazy new(to me?) place over on avenue c, after not finding it after pacing the block a few times i was told there was a blue light, and sure enough there was a dim blue bulb in front of a shuttered storefront. After pushing through a heavy curtain there was in fact a really nice little club inside. After some heavy dance music played through thier soundsystem Hari Honzu took, what i assume to have been, the stage. Which was really just a place they moved the tables out of the way. it was a bit cramped but no matter. They played a really great jazzy, rocky, noodely style of music that replaces the vocalist with a saxman. They ripped through maybe 8-10 songs that bounced from a really loungey groove to a fast paced finger-tapped crescendo. They are mixing thier first ep right now and might have a gig with oneida sometime this summer.


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